South Board St 8/2/2016


Its about 4:30 pm on a cool August day in Trenton, N.J. The traffic is bumper to bumper around this time in the city of Trenton, the majority of N.J state workers are rushing to get home. My thoughts are being drowned out by the sound of car horns and loud music. I put my headphones in my ear turn the volume up, tighten the laces on my Jordan 1s and start my journey down South Board St.

South Board St is about a 6 mile stretch that has a number of different business on it. From dinners to used automobile shops, mechanics to take the used cars you bought from those used car shops to get fixed. The Sun Arena and Trenton Social, about 6 churches and a public library that is closed. Its one of the main veins that runs through the heart of the city.

I’ve photographed different locations on South Board St  numerous of times before, there is always something new. Getting a nice amount of stares from drivers stuck in traffic I cut down a couple of side streets Adeline, Genesee, Beatty.

Once I cross the River Line tracks and make my way towards the Griffin Electric Company my journey comes to an end.

-Beloved1    8/2/2016