New Year

Boom!!! Just like that, it’s a new year, and a car accident just took place 10 feet away from. I’m going into the year with no hangover and unfortunate events going on around me. 2017 seems promising.  My bred 1’s keep moving from the scene of the accident, before I’m totally noticed and asked that … More New Year

B&W November 11/30/2016

It’s the 11 month of the year. The days are shorter, and the nights are longer. My entire mood changes along with my train of thought and, style of shooting. The last 30 days, I’ve been only editing and uploading black and white photos to my Instagram account. Black and white photos are timeless, powerful, emotional and clean. Some … More B&W November 11/30/2016

Cleveland, Ohio

After an 6 hour ride we reached our destination  Westlake Ohio about 20 minutes outside of Cleveland. The atmosphere in the Midwest is really relaxed compared to East Coast. Weeks ago my father told me about an idea he had about an road trip with my brother and I to Ohio for some business he … More Cleveland, Ohio

The Fall

October 2, 2016 October is my favorite month of the year.  Besides it being to month that I was born, you could slowly feel your mood and the atmosphere around slowly changing around you.  Fall is coming.    This is the time of the year when the leaves start showing it’s true colors like fake … More The Fall

7:39 pm

My Oreo 4’s walk down the brick road path in South River Walk Park. With the viewfinder pressed against my eye socket, I look at the sky in amazement. At the same time I can feel the warmth of the sun slowly fade away. I managed to get here at the perfect time to catch the … More 7:39 pm

I’m Ready

  The deadline to an art show or exhibition. I have two weeks to choose which 5 out of 1,430 photos(an estimate) that feel is the best, or would generate the most attention. Between figuring which frame and print sizes would be best, I can’t sleep or relax. I’m analyzing every angle and color of … More I’m Ready

No Jersey Fresh for Me

Jersey Fresh Jam! An annual event that I look forward to every year. If you have never been to one, you have no idea what your missing. The Jersey Fresh Jam is a hip-hop festival that’s showcases bands and emcees that are locally based. With vendors and food-trucks , there is fun for all ages. The highlight for me at the J.F.J … More No Jersey Fresh for Me